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      Northern Michigan University students brave the elements

      Despite many school closings in the area due to the current snowstorm, Northern Michigan University decided to keep their doors open.

      Students trekked through the slush, ice, and snow to make it to class on time Monday.

      Most students say they didn't mind still having to attend class on a snowy day, but getting there is a different story.

      NMU student Jessica Lewandowski said, "Walking in the snow to class sucks. I've tripped four times already coming to class. The snow sucks. My boots get all wet and they're not good boots to begin with, but they still sink and they get all wet, and then my socks get wet, and it sucks. I hate it."

      The blowing snow made it very difficult to see, especially when it came to walking.

      Hunched shoulders and snow boots were a common site across campus as students ventured out into the storm. After all, the classes must go on.