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      Northern Michigan University students remember 9/11

      Wednesday morning, students and members of the campus ministry association gathered at Northern Michigan University's academic mall for a prayer vigil and to remember the victims who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks of September 11.

      Campus Minister, Deb Heino, was also on the campus mall for the visual. Unlike many of the students who were elementary school aged at the time of the attacks, Heino remembers that day vividly.

      "9/11 affected me because I knew many of these people who were killed in the Pentagon because I, too, was military" said Heino.

      In their honor, there were over 1,000 flags placed in the ground to represent each life lost. The flags were set on this 12th year anniversary of the attacks by members of political groups at Northern as a reminder that we must never forget the lives lost that day.

      Students passed through the academic mall throughout the morning to take pictures and reflect on that somber day in our nation's history.