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      Northern Michigan University students show off their hard work

      The Learning Resources Center at NMU was alive with applause and congratulations as students showed the efforts of their hard work.

      At Thursday's celebration, over 60 NMU students, undergraduate and graduates, showcased their creative works and learning research projects that they've been working on this entire year. Some of them received very prestigious awards.

      Three students in particular were bestowed with top awards for their exemplary accomplishments.

      "It was a great feeling to win this award because I've worked really hard on a lot of different projects while I've been here and been involved in a lot of stuff, so just to get recognition for that was quite a good feeling," said Kristin Denryter, a winner of an award and an NMU graduate student.

      "I was really shocked to win this award, and I'm just really excited because I have research experience this summer that I'm going to do, so I know this will help me with that research experience and presenting at the end of the project for that," said Shaley Valentine, a winner of an award and an NMU sophomore student.

      The day began with an opening ceremony where the three students were awarded.

      "I heard and I was really surprised because I'm coming here as a first year student. I actually have a partner, Alex, who I work with, but he had an exam so he's not here right now, but he was really excited, too. It's been a great year, a great experience. I've learned very much," said Melissa Orzechowski, a winner and an NMU sophomore student.

      Afterwards, all of the students who participated had their posters and art from their work on display for the public, and each student presented their project at specific times throughout the day.

      The research projects spanned a range of topics from fish food ingredients, to Coyote Howls and Traffic, to trees and diseases.

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