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      Northern Night's Concert Series featuring Susan Werner

      Her name is Susan Werner, and she's playing for Northern Nights Concert Series at NMU.

      Werner is a folk and jazz musician. She writes and sings all of her music.

      Concert Coordinator Daniel Truckey says those skills make her a great start for the season.

      "We do a lot of different things throughout the season. We thought a singer/songwriter to kick off the season would be good, and she's just an amazing artist," said Truckey.

      Originally from Iowa, Werner grew up loving music. She is also a trained opera singer, pianist, and guitarist.

      Truckey says Werner brings more to the show than just music.

      "Her in-between song banter is one of the reasons why people love her because she's just a really engaging, funny performer, and her song writing is really extraordinary. She writes about a lot of different topics," Truckey said.

      The Goldmine Girls will be the opening act for Susan. The duo from Marquette grew up performing together.

      They and Susan Werner play the same type of music, a mix between folk and jazz.

      You can see the performances at NMU's Forest Roberts Theatre Friday, September 7, at 7:30 p.m.

      Click here for ticket information.ã??