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      Northpointe Behavioral Health students volunteer at shelter

      It may not be the most glamorous job, but for the Northpointe volunteers that help out at the Almost Home Animal Shelter, it's a highlight of their week.

      â??We do the litter box, and food and water, and spray cleaning,â?? said volunteer, Marcus McGuire.For over 10 years, volunteers from Northpointe Behavioral Health have been putting in some elbow grease to help the shelter animals.

      â??The students are a phenomenal group of individuals,â?? said Shelter Executive Director, Adrien Brzoznowski. â??They have a chaperone that comes with them, or their teacher, and they come and dive in with our regular volunteers and they go and clean the cats.â??

      Different shifts of helpers come twice a week, and those at the shelter said it's a positive experience for everyone.

      â??It gives us a warm feeling to know that we can provide that to them and make their day an even better one than it already is. It also provides a level of understanding and empathy, knowing that these animals have been shunned in their former lives, and some of them haven't experienced love at all, and to be able to provide that to them, there's a special bond that does happen,â?? Brzoznowski said.

      From cleaning the living quarters of the furry residents to simply spending time with them, these volunteers are able to offer a special service to the little recipients who are in need of care.