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      Northstar Academy adding a new kindergarten

      Northstar Academy in Marquette is adding a new kindergarten class this September.

      The new developmental kindergarten program is a class that helps students who aren't as prepared for early elementary school. The new class will also help keep the class size limit of 20 students per room. Screenings will be set up to determine which class children will be placed. Northstar says this expansion is good for the students and the school.

      "The board decided to expand because we find that since we've added the elementary school, we've had very good retention. Our students are staying through with us right up through the middle school. The intention is not to change our small learning community; we'll still have the small class sizes," said Northstar CEO, Karen Anderson.

      Depending on their performance, students in developmental kindergarten can go on to either first grade or regular kindergarten. Registration is underway at Northstar Academy for kindergarten classes. They say it's about half full at this point. If classes fill up, students will be placed on a waiting list.