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      Northwest Nordic Ski Group visits the U.P.

      Well, over this past weekend, the weather did a sort of rollercoaster for us here in the U.P., bringing warmer temperatures on Saturday and much cooler temps on Sunday. However, the drastically different temperatures didn't stop U.P. residents and tourists from going out to enjoy the outdoors.

      Members from the Northwest Nordic Ski Group out of Arlington Heights, Illinois came to visit. They said they are very excited to have experienced the Upper Peninsula ski trails in two different types of wintry weather.

      "I'm happy because back in Chicago, it's supposed to be almost 50 today, so they're going to get a warm-up and we're going to get a real cool-down, I hear, the next three days, so we're prepared," said Elizabeth Berry, NW Nordic Ski Group.

      Skiers and snowboarders can look forward to experiencing the much colder temps this upcoming week.