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      Northwoods Garden Club celebrates 25 years

      When you're driving this summer and you see a group of volunteers wearing red shirts and weeding gardens, honk your horn to support the Northwoods Garden Club.

      The club started in 1989 and has grown to a 20-member non-profit that seeks to beautify the cities of Iron Mountain and Kingsford.

      â??It was a group of women, really fabulous women, who wanted to make Kingsford and Iron Mountain look beautiful and that's what they did,â?? said club president, Marie Anderson. â??They put in the gazebo and they put in these plants. We have about eight gardens that we take care of.â??

      Each garden in the area has a garden captain who in charge of choosing the plants and flowers, and coordinating gardening times.

      â??We each take turns watering and weeding all of the different flower beds around town,â?? said member, Sarah Nieschulz. â??We each have a specific site to take care of and if it's getting really weedy or needs help, we'll call in the whole crew during the summer and take care of it.â??

      This summer they're planning a tree dedication ceremony to celebrate the quarter of a century of the group's existence.

      â??Weâ??re hoping to have a ceremony where we put a time capsule commemorating our first 25 years and the things we've accomplished,â?? Nieschulz said.

      The group is also planning their annual Strawberry Social fundraiser that takes place at the Kingsford gazebo, on the corner of Woodward Avenue and Balsam Street, on July 13 from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. The members say it's great to give back through gardening, and that it's also helpful to them.

      â??I learn a lot from just doing this,â?? Anderson said. â??â??What's this?' or 'What's that?' or 'What should I do here?' It's a great history of education for the women, too.â??