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      Norway kids participate in International Walk to School Day

      Wednesday was International Walk to School Day, an event put on by the Michigan Fitness Foundation's Safe Routes to School program. In Norway, the school hosted an event, and students met Wednesday morning at the Norway City Hall to all walk to school together.

      Teachers and law enforcement were on-hand to teach kids the right ways to walk to school and how to use the safest routes. The students say they enjoy walking to school and had fun at the event. â??It was pretty good, just all of us walking to school, learning how to do it correctly, and making sure that we're all safe,â?? said student, A.J. Guiliani. â??They say, like, 'Can you please stay on this side of the sidewalk and on this side of the street?' to make sure that we're safe.â??

      The event was designed to encourage youth fitness and traffic safety when walking to and from school. Through the program, the Michigan Fitness Foundation and the Michigan Department of Transportation provided online materials and resources to the Norway-Vulcan Area Schools, including pedestrian and bicycle safety activities and handouts, classroom activity ideas, and educational resources for teachers. This year, more than 140 schools registered to host a Walk to School Day event.