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      Norway mother offers free clothing to those in need

      Shoes, jackets, dresses, toys, you name it and chances are you can find it at â??Mom's Closetâ?? in Norway.

      Andrea Howorth is the mother of six children, so she knows that mothers oftentimes put themselves last when it comes to clothing.

      â??My twins are eleven, but when they were born, I can remember wearing my husband's big T-shirts because I didn't have any clothes personally that fit me anymore,â?? said Howorth. And in talking with other mothers, Andrea knew she wasn't the only one, so she started â??Mom's Closetâ?? which offers free clothing to mothers in need.

      Although Andrea originally opened â??Mom's Closetâ?? for moms needing clothes, she received so many outside donations, she eventually opened it for anyone in the community in need.

      â??We would get donations of all sizes, and I figured instead of donating donations because they weren't appropriate sizes, why not just expand a little,â?? Howorth said. So she opened the new venture in the shed out back, but even that is in need of expansion, which she says may later come in the form of their larger garage.

      Andrea says she's personally gone through a time where she needed help finding clothes, so she knows the importance of reaching out to others.

      â??Just to help them through and be able to maybe be a blessing in their life, maybe touch their heart a little bit, and help them get through this struggling time that they're going through,â?? Howorth said.

      To set up a private appointment in one hour intervals, visit the â??Momâ??s Closetâ?? Facebook page here, where you can contact Andrea directly.