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      Norway school sees major project completions

      Proud Norway Knights are reaping the benefits of a successful bond sale from this past year. On Monday evening, the community was invited to an open house to tour the new facilities and projects completed as a result of the bond sale.

      The largest of the projects was the upgrading of the school gymnasium. New flooring, seating, lighting, and sound were all part of the project, as was a facelift of the weight room above the gym.

      Athletes in the school say they're excited to start using the new space. â??I think it's going to be amazing, and I think everyone's really excited about it,â?? said senior volleyball player, Krista Urbanc. â??I think it's a really great thing.â??

      Among other projects, technological updates and advances, such as the internal Internet system and lighting throughout the school were completed. School bathrooms, doors, and even the roof received improvements. Another addition which was part of the bond is the introduction of iPads and computers for the students.