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      Norway Springs company growing, still active in community

      Norway Springs, Inc. has been a company since 2003 that seeks to provide clean and healthy water to the Upper Peninsula.

      They tapped into the aquifer located on Highway Two called The Norway Springs. This water, which is called Artesian Water, is one of two types of water they bottle.

      â??The other type of water is the purified water which is water from the City of Norway that we take and actually process,â?? said General Manager, Lisa McRoberts. â??We put it through what's called reverse osmosis, which means we take everything out of it.â??

      But the Artesian Water still contains the natural minerals found right from the spring. Once collected at the source, they test the water hourly and daily for PH levels and unwanted bacteria. Once approved as clean, they bottle it two or three times a week at the rate of 800 to 1,200 bottles a day, and send it right out to the people and businesses of the U.P.

      â??Our drivers go out with a full truck which is typically around 240 to 280 bottles and they come back empty,â?? McRoberts said.

      They say their business has really picked up in the past couple of years after acquiring other water filtration companies.

      â??Itâ??s actually quite amazing just being here from the beginning, watching it from day one from opening our doors,â?? McRoberts said.

      But even with all the bottling, filtration and water testing done from the business side of the company, they help out the community by providing water at various events.

      â??We donate to a lot of different causes,â?? said office manager, Sara Horowitz. â??We do the â??Ore to Shoreâ?? out of Marquette, we're doing the â??Tour de Dickinsonâ?? this weekend, and we took care of the Dickinson County YMCA triathlon this past June.â??

      The company says their growth is also leading them to expand in Marquette County within the next two years.