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      November is Diabetes Awareness Month

      The American Diabetes Association found that just over 25 million adults and children have diabetes in the United States.

      November is American Diabetes Awareness Month and seven million people are living with diabetes and do not even know it.

      Diabetes occurs when people consistently have high amounts of sugar in the blood. There are two main types of this disease.

      Type 1 is what we used to think of as juvenile or childhood onset diabetes. Some people refer to it as insulin dependent diabetes. It is really considered an auto immune response to something. It may be a viral infection where the person suddenly develops diabetes, said Registered Nurse Geri Merkey.

      This machine tests the amount of sugar in your blood. The normal range should be between 70 and 140.

      Type 2 is more common, and many people do not even know they have it.

      A person with Type 2 can have a need to replace their insulin, but the hallmark of Type 2 diabetes is more insulin resistance. So we've got a cluster of things that happen, Merkey said.

      With such a large population with people of Finnish descent in the U.P., it is important to understand diabetes especially if they are at a higher risk.

      Finland is referred to as the diabetes capital of the world because the proportion of Finnish people residing in Finland that have diabetes is much higher, Merkey said.

      Nurse Geri also says that staying active and maintaining healthy eating habits should be a top priority.

      Diabetes is a very serious disease, so understanding the risks and receiving regular doctor checkups are also advised.