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      Nurses call out Dr. Benishek's health care plans

      Local nurses are calling on Congressman Dan Benishek to revisit his ideas on Medicare for seniors.

      And to stand out, a mobile billboard was driven through Marquette and Ishpeming to get others on board with a petition. The group says they see seniors daily who are afraid of losing their Medicare. They say Benishek plans to make health care more costly.

      "We see people everyday who are under Medicare, and if they were to have cuts, they would suffer," said Carolyn Hietamaki, a registered nurse at Marquette General Hospital.

      "Right now they can barely make the rent and their food, and if you have them paying for health care also, that's going to be a difficult choice which will just be a big catastrophe for them."

      According to Dr. Benishek's website, the congressman is quoted saying, "Unlike the Obama administration's health care law that stole over $500 billion from Medicare, I am committed to saving this program for the long term."

      "Dr. Dan Benishek knows Barack Obama's healthcare law will devastate Medicare by gutting $500 billion from the program leaving our seniors worried about receiving care. As a doctor for nearly 30 years, Dr. Dan has been treating Medicare patients and fighting to help preserve and strengthen the program for this generation and future generations," said Raffi Williams, Benishek for Congress spokesman.

      If you'd like to know more about the nurses and their petition, visit their website.