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      Off he goes into the wild, blue yonder

      Finding where you're supposed to be.

      Itâ??s what high school graduates often ask themselves when they're thinking about their next step. But for Kingsford High School graduate Sean Ryan, heâ??s already answered that question.

      "I thought it'd be an opportunity for me to get into the Air Force Academy,â?? said Ryan. In fact, itâ??s an answer he's known for quite some time.

      â??My dad actually went to the Air Force Academy, and he'd always talk about his experiences around us and how much fun he had there,â?? Ryan said.

      Following in his father's footsteps, yet vowing to carve out a path of his own, he chose the Air Force Academy. Based in Colorado Springs, the academy is no stone's throw away from home, so adjusting could be difficult.

      â??The first six weeks I won't have any communication at all, so that might be a little difficult. Itâ??s exciting that I finally get to move on with my life. [Iâ??m] a little nervous that I don't know what to expect yet, how much they'll push me,â?? Ryan explained.

      Over the past five decades, the Air Force Academy in Colorado has graduated over 37,000 military officers and has around 4,400 cadets attending each year, one of which, by this summer, will be Sean.

      His acceptance received political attention; something Sean says is an honor.

      â??In order for an appointee to get in, you have to have a Congressional nomination; I got it from Benishek and Stabenow. Itâ??s an honor that someone that high of rank can see me for who I am and nominate me for going to a prestigious place as the Air Force Academy,â?? Ryan said.

      Some may call it the next step, while other's say a leap is a more fitting term. Either way, it's a chapter in Seanâ??s life that will help him find where's he's supposed to be.