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      Off-road enthusiasts want county trail connection

      A newly formed ATV and ORV club is looking to expand trails in Marquette County. It all starts with a group of riders who want a trail system that connects all of Marquette County, and they want it open to ATV and ORVs. They're meeting to organize a management group that can make this trail system happen, and they're inviting anyone to join. They say having motorized vehicle trails will bring more people to the U.P.

      "They can come to the U.P. and see that we have designated trails, managed trails that are taken care of throughout Marquette County, and they'll come up here. And then they'll spend money, and it'll help quite a few of the businesses in Marquette County," said Club Coordinator, Tony Harry.

      Once a trail system is developed in Marquette County, the club wants to create trails that connect all of the U.P. The first meeting is set for 6 p.m. on May 16 at the Bayou Inn in Chocolay Township.