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      Officers get hands-on training at Traffic Enforcement Conference

      Officers from across the Upper Peninsula spent some time training at the Marquette armory Wednesday.

      It's all part of a two day U.P. Traffic Enforcement Conference organized through the Office of Highway Safety Planning. On day one, they learned the most recent U.P. drug trends, traffic law update, and commercial motor vehicle enforcement. It's also a hands-on opportunity to learn the latest in patrol safety techniques when it comes to apprehending an impaired driver, searching for drugs in a vehicle, and staying safe. Four training officers used four cars from Public Service Garage, and the Jilberts Dairy Truck.

      "Bringing all these officers together at one place at one time really shows there's a standardization between search patterns and the activity that the training the officers get gets them all on the same page," says Lt. Randal Danison of the Michigan State Police, Calumet Post. "So, if one officer backs another one up they know exactly what the other's going to do."

      A total of 55 officers participated. It's been two years since the conference was held in the U.P.