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      Official opening of Paul Mitchell School

      After six years, co-owners of Paul Mitchell The School in Escanaba are celebrating their official grand opening alongside co-founder of the Paul Mitchell company, John Paul DeJoria.

      "They learn while they're in school, not only to love one another, but to love the world, and make the world a better place to live; how to be great business people, love themselves and their families. So we teach more than just how to be a great hairstylist," said John Paul DeJoria, co-founder Paul Mitchell System.

      The Paul Mitchell corporation was created 30 years ago as a way to support local hairdressers with the best products. This makes the school in Escanaba the 110th school to be opened.

      "It's a pretty big deal for the whole entire U.P., especially Escanaba. I feel that we don't get to experience this kind of stuff up here," said Melissa Boettcher, student.

      "Our partners fell in love with Escanaba as a city, felt like we could make a difference here and that our future professionals would really rally behind the idea of giving back," said Steve Cowan, co-owner of Paul Mitchell The School in Escanaba.

      Students are taught the essence of giving back through a three-month fundraising campaign for local and national charities. The school teaches more than just being a great hairstylist and passing the board exam. Students also learn they have the power to change people's lives.

      "How to fix marriages, how to get out of bad relationships, how to overcome addictions. So for us, it's a lifestyle change," said Winn Claybaugh, Dean of Paul Mitchell Schools.

      Supporters heard from a number of speakers including comedian, author, and actress Kathy Buckley. "There's so much positive energy. It's all about love. It really is: it's about peace, love and happiness," said Kathy Buckley.