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      Officials meet to discuss Houghton County's master plan

      Members of the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce are discussing Houghton County's master plan.

      Early on Thursday the Planning Commission spoke to the chamber about the master plan. The document is currently under a five year revision which describes the nature and character of the place and people of Houghton County.

      "The master plan is a broad guideline," said Houghton County Planning Commission Chair Guy St. Germain. "It is not zoning, it is not an authoritative set of rules and regulations, and it is not a mandate from the county to townships or cities."

      The ultimate goal of the master plan is to have a research document in place in which cities, townships, businesses, and residents can use as a reference or plan for the future.

      For more information on the Houghton County master plan visit the Houghton County website .