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      Officials optimistic, but wildfire still burning

      The Rainbow Lodge, burned down in the wildfire that consumed northern Luce County, Michigan

      The fire that has consumed 21,450 acres of land in Luce County is now 55 percent contained, according to Department of Natural Resources personnel.

      The DNR has also announced that the Tahquamenon Falls State Park will be reopening on Wednesday. The park was closed due to dangerous conditions on Friday. The hiking trails north of M-123, including the North Country Tail, will remain closed.

      The massive wildfire that was started by a lightning strike has consumed 115 structures in northern Luce County, including the well known fishing destination, the Rainbow Lodge. The DNR said that all land owners that they have contact information for have been contacted.

      We have reporters going to the fire on Wednesday, and will post any updates as we receive them.