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      Officials seek help solving purse theft

      The Marquette County Sheriff's Department is looking for information regarding a purse theft in Marquette Township at Wal-Mart that happened on August 21.

      Police say that a purse was left in a shopping cart at around 4:30 p.m. in the Wal-Mart parking lot with a substantial amount of cash inside.

      According to the sheriff's department, a man and a woman shown on surveillance video might have witnessed the alleged purse theft.

      The sheriff's department says that a light colored Chevrolet Impala missing a front left wheel cover parked next to the cart where the purse was left. The same vehicle was captured on surveillance at the Marquette Target store, where it stopped for a few seconds next to a shopping cart. The vehicle then left the Target parking lot.

      An employee at Target discovered the shopping cart with the empty purse.

      If you have any information on who the two people that may have witnessed this alleged theft or information on the Impala, contact the Marquette County Sheriff's Department at (906) 225-8434. You can also contact the tip line at (906) 225-8441.