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      Officials set to vote on school budget

      On Monday, the Marquette Area Public School Board will vote on the proposed nearly $27 million budget for the upcoming school year.

      In March the budget deficit was at $2.4 million, and it has since decreased to $729,000.

      Officials say the cuts have affected some teaching positions, although 10 out of the 12 teachers have been called back as a result of retirements. Some positions have been reduced to part-time.

      "Our number one goal is to make it so that the students are in the best learning environment," said Superintendant Deborah Veiht. "We have reduced teachers, structural program aids, we've looked at some of our other costs in textbooks and different areas. We're 85 percent people so when we're reducing our budget, people become a piece of that."

      MAPS will meet Monday evening at 5:30 p.m.