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      Officials tour Dead River Dam

      Marquette city officials celebrated the end of the construction phase of the Dead River Dam Tuesday.

      Officials from UPPCO, the Department of Environmental Quality, and the Marquette Board of Light and Power took a tour of the Dead River Dam. They recounted the events of April 2003 when the Silver Lake Dam broke and sent a torrent of water into parts of Marquette causing $100 million in damages.

      Tuesday was a day to look back on the recovery process.

      "It's been nine years since the event, and we've had a lot of great involvement from many different agencies, and we're here to celebrate the end of the recovery effort," said Mitch Koetje of the DEQ.

      Guests on the tour included Marquette Mayor John Kivela, Lt. Governor Brian Calley and Senator Tom Casperson. They walked the site of the Dead River Dam and discussed the future of the area.