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      Officials urge caution around intersection following deadly crash

      In the wake of a recent fatal crash along the Lakeshore Drive/US-41 intersection in Ishpeming that claimed two lives, law enforcement and Department of Transportation officials say its more important than ever to drive carefully at intersections.

      "You need to use caution. I go through that intersection every day. Um, If I'm going out onto the highway from Lakeshore Drive, if I have the green light, I just don't go out and assume the highway traffic's stopping." said Ishpeming Police Chief Dan Willey.

      Willey says the intersection is the most dangerous in the area, a statement supported by a retired trucker who went through the intersection many times over a more than 40-year career.

      "It's just been all kinds of different accidents. I mean, most of 'em involves people with speed just not paying attention and going too fast or people pulling out in front of other people." said retired trucker Robert Cary.

      MDOT says there are no plans at this time to try to improve the intersection's safety, as it was improved just last year with the addition of a new signal and a pedestrian crosswalk.

      In the meantime, MDOT says that people just need to take more care around inter sections due to their nature.

      "Intersections are, by their nature, have more crashes at them because of the turning vehicles and stopping vehicles at the intersections. We're all human and drivers do sometimes make errors and unfortunately most crashes are caused by some form of a driver error." said MDOT Operations Engineer Rob Tervo.

      Chief Willey says a good way to avoid road trouble at the intersection is to ensure all highway traffic has stopped before making your move.

      And while it may seem obvious, Willey also says to never run through red lights as a majority of intersection accidents happen as a result.