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      Oh what fun it is to ride

      I t's not a one horse open sleigh, but i'ts close. V isitors to downtown Marquette got a chance to go for a horse drawn carriage ride. The Marquette Downtown Development Authority arranged the rides with the help of Strahl Hilltop Farms. More than 200 people went for a ride, and they were treated to a different view of the city of Marquette.

      "T his is a touch of the past. This is what people don't get a chance to do anymore--to do hands on--and you can see, we go three to four miles an hour and you can really see in the shop windows how beautiful everything is ," said Sandy Strahl, co-owner of Strahl Hilltop Farms. "I t's a beautiful way to see Marquette, and Marquette has a lot to offer. "

      O rganizers from the Downtown Development Authority say the turnout is much better than last year. They will be back next Thursday for more rides in downtown Marquette. There is no cost for the rides, and they start at 5 p.m.