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      Old building gets new beginning

      A Christian organization called "Encouragement Link" took a building in Felch that was falling apart and gave it purpose. The building was donated in 2004 and after seven years of intense labor, "Alex's Place" opened its doors.

      The coffee house is named after a boy named Alex who helped with the restoration but passed away in a drowning accident before it was finished. The goal was to provide a positive place for residents to spend their weekend evenings.

      "I'm so glad that I have a place that I can take my kids, and I don't have to worry about them. Students are grateful for a place to come, you know, especially in the winter when there's really nothing to do," said Sheila Mott, Co-Director of Encouragement Link. The organization is working on raising another $50,000 to restore the other half of the building. A donor has agreed to match fifty cents for every dollar donated until September of this year.