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      Old models shown off at annual car show

      The annual car show at the Dickinson-Iron Tech Center in Kingsford was held Friday. This is the 16th annual car show.

      It's a social and educational event encouraging older and younger generations of car lovers to share their experiences with car repair and restoration. The first car show had only a dozen cars, and other shows have had close to 75. This year had about 50, some of which are seen every year. Many on display were from students at the center.

      "A lot of these are show cars, fully restored, and then we also have cars that you might call diamonds in the rough where they're still a work in progress," said instructor Keith Stachowicz.

      Some vehicles were also on display from local dealers and businesses. The oldest car this year was a 1954 Ford F-100 that's being worked on by students.