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      Old orphanage sits idle in Marquette

      For Facebook Friday, we take a closer look at the former Holy Family Orphanage in Marquette.

      The orphanage opened in 1915. It was in use all the way through the early 1980s but has been vacant since. The windows are currently boarded up on every level of the structure. It is owned by a private owner who is responsible for keeping the building up to International Property Maintenance Code and to make sure it's weather tight. City of Marquette officials make regular inspections but don't think there is any change in sight for the former orphanage.

      "If that property owner were willing to look at some form of development on that, most certainly we would bring forth his development to city commission and present it in a manner that would be positive for the community, but at this point in time, it doesn't look like that person has any intent of doing so," said Dennis Stachewicz, Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Marquette.

      On Facebook, Mariah Adams says, "I think it should be used as a homeless shelter that runs all year long that can provide three meals a day to the homeless that stay there and can also provide services to help them get jobs, and then find a home."

      What are your thoughts on the old orphanage in Marquette and what would you like to see done with it? Comment below to express your opinions.