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      Old paper mill site in Niagara open for business

      The old paper mill site in Niagara is being revamped to include areas that can be leased for businesses and companies.

      The mill site was sold in 2008 and after acquiring it, Niagara Worldwide is now opening the buildings, warehouses, and other facilities for anyone to lease or rent for their own manufacturing purposes.

      Eric Spirtas, the President of Niagara Worldwide, explained how the location has great potential because of the variety of resources available. ??Here at this location, we have rail, we have water, as you can see behind me, the Menominee River is flowing, tons of electric, great gas service; with gas, electric, water, roads, highway and rail, any industrial manufacturer can really make headway,?? said Spirtas.

      Representatives from the company said they're excited to see manufacturing coming back into the community and revitalizing the economy.