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      Olympian shares knowledge with local swimmers

      Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Peter Vanderkaay met with some of Marquette's swimmers Friday. Marquette Area Public Schools invited him to speak to local swimmers. Vanderkaay has won two gold and two bronze medals while competing in the Athens, Beijing, and London games. Vanderkaay, a Michigan native, had a friendly Q-and-A with young and college level swimmers. He signed autographs and let them see his medals. The Olympian travels the country sharing his experiences with young swimmers.

      "I think that the most important thing to show the kids is that I was once like them. No one ever looked at me and said there's an olympic hopeful when I was a young swimmer. It's just a lot of hard work, goal setting, and dedication, and if I can get that message across to them, they might realize that they could also have the chance to do what I did," said Vanderkaay. Vanderkaay spoke to swimmers from the YMCA of Marquette County, Marquette Senior High School, and the Northern Michigan University Women's Swim Team. The Olympian is in town for the 10th annual Swim Teal Lake for Diabetes in Negaunee, which takes place Saturday morning.