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      Olympic swimmer fights diabetes in Negaunee

      It was a cold July morning in Negaunee on Saturday, but that didn't stop nearly 100 swimmers from jumping into Teal Lake.

      The 10th annual Teal Lake Swim for Diabetes is a fundraiser that helps the U.P. Diabetes Outreach Network. The swim started at Teal Lake beach in Negaunee and ended on the Ishpeming side, totaling about two-and-a-quarter miles. For the 10th anniversary, organizers wanted to do something special, so they reached out to Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Peter Vanderkaay, a Michigan native, who was happy to join in.

      "It's fun to see people come out, even in this weather, for a diabetes fundraiser and supporting the cause...You know, I think it's a little colder than most people would prefer, but it looks like everyone is having fun and we're going to move forward with the race," said Vanderkaay.

      The Olympian had the fastest time of 46 minutes. In its 10 years, the Teal Lake Swim has raised about $200,000.