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      Omega House recognized

      The Omega House in Houghton has reached a level three status with the National We Honor Veterans Program.

      In order to reach level three, the Omega House staff completed education programs over a two year period. The Omega House also provided outreach to the community about improving the care of veterans towards the end of life. They also have a volunteer program where veterans visit with the veterans living at the Omega House.

      "Knowing that in our area of the country and our area of the state, the population and the percentage of veterans is higher than almost any other area, and knowing that 25 percent of our patients that we care for are veterans, we felt it was very important to make this commitment," said Omega House Development Director, Ray Weglarz.

      The Omega House is the first organization in the U.P. to reach level three which places them in the top 100 in the nation to reach level three.