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      On farm dairy becoming thing of the past

      The DeBacker family dairy in Daggett is drawing customers in with fresh, off the farm dairy products, and the owner says milk production is a learning experience for kids.

      The cows are milked in the morning, and the milk that's put into the bottles was in the cows just about six hours before. It gets pasteurized in the milk processing room. In a day they can process up to 1,100 bottles. It gets delivered to the Escanaba area on Wednesdays and Marquette areas on Thursdays.

      "We were told that the state of Michigan probably will not allow anymore on farm dairy plants. They want them off premises. So for us, it was important to have it here because it's not just having products from the farms, but coming to the farm," said owner Tracy DeBacker.

      DeBacker says many children especially enjoy the fresh milk products because they get to see how they're made.