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      On strike!

      A small group of prisoners at the Baraga Correctional Facility are on a hunger strike. That's according to Russ Marlin with the Michigan Department of Corrections. Thirteen prisoners in one unit of the facility have been without food for 72 hours.The hunger strike is, ironically, over food. They are protesting the quality and some of the substitutions that have been made since Aramark Corporation was contracted by the state to provide food for the prisons. Marlin notes that while there were issues at first, improvements with Aramark are being made.

      On President's Day, a non-violent protest was held at the Kinross Correctional Facility in Kincheloe. This was also linked to dissatisfaction over the change to Aramark.

      The prisoners on the hunger strike are being monitored by the health care workers at the prison. The Baraga Correctional Facility houses 800 inmates.