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      "Once Upon a Mattress" is no snoozer

      It's not your traditional fairy tale.

      "Once Upon a Mattress" is about how a princess from the swamp passes an impossible series of tests to win the hand of a prince.

      "In her first entrance, she was just swimming through a moat and she's covered in seaweed and stuff," said Jill Vermaulen, who plays Princess Winnifred.

      Princess Winnifred is brought to the kingdom by Sir Harry.

      The queen has made a rule that no one may wed until her son does; so, Sir Harry searches for a possible a match for Prince Dauntless, because he, himself would like to get married.

      "It's something, like a play you're not expecting to see at all," said David Bashaw, who plays Sir Harry.

      But in order for Prince Dauntless to marry, the princess must pass a series of tests designed by the queen.

      "I think the tests the queen makes up are really funny," said Mallory Grugin, who plays the Minstrel.

      "Some of the actual adult humor that was in the original has been taken out to make it completely G-rated," said director Nikke Nason, "but it's a funny show, so adults will like it."

      Although the costumes and sets are relatively simple, the show comes alive with its cast and crew of more than 60 kids, along with the numerous musical and dance numbers intertwined throughout.

      "Once Upon a Mattress" takes place Saturday, April 25, at the Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette. Tickets in advance are $7 for youth and $10 for adults. On the day of the show, tickets are an additional $3. For advance tickets, you can call (906) 228-0472 or stop by the Marquette Arts and Culture Center at the Peter White Public Library.