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      Once upon a time...

      Families in Marquette came to the Peter White Public Library Sunday to hear some "Tales from Around the World."

      Roan Judd is a professional storyteller. She travels telling myths, folk tales, and some stories that she's written herself, often using mime, puppets, and colorful costumes. She runs her own company called Beyond Storytelling. Roan is originally from Norway and now lives near Detroit, but is here this week visiting family. While home, she was asked to perform at five separate locations. Roan has been storytelling professionally for over 30 years. She says she loves that it can both entertain and educate.

      "I love what I do. I get fed by the audience. A lot of what I do is improvisational so if the audience is reacting a certain way, the way I tell the story can change, so it's a give and take situation. I really enjoy what I do a lot," said Judd.

      Roan Judd's "Tales from Around the World" include stories from as far as China and Africa as well as local Ojibwa tales. Her next performance is Monday evening at the Dickinson County Library in Iron Mountain. Wednesday, she will be at the U.P. Children's Museum in Marquette.