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      One big mushroom

      A giant mushroom in Delta County is a sign of the wet summer the Upper Peninsula has been experiencing.

      Kipling resident Barry Holm discovered this giant puffball mushroom in the yard of his camp off M-35, just west of Gladstone on the Escanaba River. Holm said that the mushroom grew quickly, in just three days, to be bigger than a basketball.

      "It's the perfect conditions for it," said Holm. "We have a little bit of sun and lots of rain and dampness down here on the Escanaba River. We've got mushrooms pretty much all over, but this is the biggest one I've ever seen."

      Puffball mushrooms are edible. Holm said he is keeping an eye on other areas of his property to see if more giant mushrooms appear. Mushrooms like this are mostly air and water, and although they look big on the surface, the majority of the organism is actually underground.

      The National Weather Service said Gladstone has had 21.55" of precipitation so far this year, about 4.7" above normal.