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      One Day On Earth

      After Marquette Alternative High School students viewed the film "One Day On Earth," they knew they needed to do something.

      The film is a collection of footage shot by amateur filmmakers and tells the different life stories of people around the world.

      When students discovered how fortunate their lives were in comparison, they decided to show the film to the public and collect donations for "Action Against Hunger," an international charity.

      "My eyes kind of just opened to the fact that we are ungrateful for the things we get, because all the different countries and seeing the people with all different problems that aren't even around here, and I thought I had problems until I saw this," said MAHS senior Andrew Koval.

      The film will be presented at 7 p.m. in Kaufman Auditorium Thursday and is free to the public.

      Northern Michigan University Art Education students with MAHS students created art projects related to the film as well.

      For more information, click here and here.