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      One fish, two fish, Marquette gets new fish

      More than 200 Klondike Reef Lake Trout found a new home in Lake Superior Monday. The Iron River National Fish Hatchery and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community released 243 of the fish into Marquette's Lower Harbor.

      The trout are all 10-year-old males and are being retired. The average weight of the Lake Trout is 13 pounds, but some are more than 20 pounds. Each fish was also tagged to help Fish and Wildlife workers track their movements. The species of Lake Trout are native to waters east of the Marquette area, near Grand Marais.

      "Today these fish are being retired. There was a lengthy discussion regarding where they would ultimately end up; it was decided through multiple agency discussions that the Marquette Harbor would be a suitable place to release these fish and, in essence, return them to roost," said KBIC Wildlife Biologist Gene Mensch.

      Anglers who catch the newly released Lake Trout are asked to mail the tag back to the address listed on the tag. The fish will be replaced at the Fish Hatchery by a younger group of Lake Trout that have reached spawning age.