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      One man's clutter = another man's treasure

      Switchback Gear Exchange first opened its doors in Marquette in 2010. Since then, employees have sold more than $200,000 worth of outdoor recreational items, where someone's clutter could be another's treasure.

      "That piece of outdoor equipment very likely still has a pretty significant value to it; this is a really good way for people to find an inexpensive item," said Store Manager Lindsay Bean.

      The store offers two ways to make a buck: consigning or selling directly to the store.

      "If you sell on consignment, you don't make the money until the item sells. If the item is under $100, you would make 60 percent of that sale price and the store would make 40. If we buy it outright, we typically like to flip those percentages," Bean said.

      If you're not sure where to look, why not start on-line. Many of you agree with Facebook fan Sue Martens. She wrote, "Yooper rummage sales both online and on Facebook."

      And Pamela Sue Kivi added, "e-Bay is my venue of choice."

      But stay-at-home mom Jill Connin said sometimes it's better to just keep it local. After piling up outgrown children's clothing in her basement, she decided to sell it and help a cause along the way. She teamed up with the Care Clinic in Marquette. Now she runs the Mom-to-Mom sale that benefits the sellers and the clinic.

      "Toddler beds, cribs, changing tables, car seats, travel systems, anything kids outgrow before it gets abused and misused, so it's a great way to sell those," said Connin.

      The sale is popular. They're already full this year, but for more information on it and how to sign up, visit their Facebook page.