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      One of a Kind: Brittany Macstrom's Story

      Brittany Macstrom, 25, is as positive as they come--never living a day down in the dumps. But behind the solid smile, Brittany is as delicate as she looks, and it's all because of a rare disorder called De Barsy Syndrome. It's a connective tissue disorder that causes loose, inelastic skin, and involuntary limb movements.

      Her mother, Dennise Bakran, said the diagnosis doesn't affect the length of life, but Brittany can't drive, play sports, or do any heavy lifting.

      "She easily dislocates. She's had to have surgery on her hips, her arms dislocate, her wrists, her ankles, her knees," explained her mother. "She's got to be real careful."

      Brittany also doesn't work because she gets tired easily. When asked if the syndrome affects Brittanyâ??s quality of life, her mother responded, "No."

      "She's got a great quality of life," Bakran said. "She's so happy. She's accepted it and just lives her life."

      Her syndrome may stop her from physical activity, but it never stops her from wearing a smile. Brittany is your typical 25-year-old who loves listening to music, reading, and texting and like many of us, is active on Facebook.

      "If they say you can't, just think to yourself: you can no matter what other people say," stated Macstrom.

      And while she may be the only one in Michigan, her infectious smile, along with her positive attitude, is what makes her truly one of a kind.