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      One sweet contest in Marquette

      Girl scouts from the area had a chance to show off their creativity with sweets Friday. Troops gathered at the Father Marquette Middle School to display their hard work in the annual Chocolate Contest. The theme this year was holidays. The girls had to create sculptures entirely out of chocolate. Among the judges for the contest was TV6's own Vicky Crystal.

      "You know what's so neat is that you hear of the kids, they have this opportunity to be really, really super creative and this is an opportunity to really see it come out," said Crystal.

      "It's just a lot of fun, it's fun to see what the girls come up with and how they work together to really make it happen," said Heather Modell, Girl Scout Official.

      Troop 5150 was the winner Friday, their holiday was St. Nicholls Day. They win a traveling Hershey's Kiss trophy.