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      Online banking sees no difference in cases of identity theft

      Over 80 percent of people managed their finances online in the past year, but does the convenience of mobile banking come with added risks?

      â??Even working here at the financial institution I find it easier with just a few pushes of a button instead of walking up to the lobby or any member hopping in their car to have to come here to do a transaction,â?? said Marie Molise, North Division Branch Administrator. â??It's just so much easier.â??

      It wasnâ??t too long ago that to manage your finances you had to wait in line at the bank. But with mobile banking, you can do virtually everything right from home.

      â??Online banking is wonderful and very convenient because of the 24 hour service,â?? said Molise. â??You can do it at any time.â??

      But the risk of identity theft doesnâ??t go away when using one method over the other. So what can you do to prevent fraud with mobile banking?

      â??It's a good idea to have a password on your iPhone,â?? said Molise. â??Another thing with the mobile application is once you close out of the mobile application it logs off completely and you can't go back in.â??

      Some of the Honor Credit Unionâ??s customers even worry that mobile banking comes with more of a risk.

      â??It's just another thing to worry about with identity theft,â?? said Ray Jutila of West Ishpeming. â??I just don't need it; it's another thing to worry about. I try to stay away from all of that.â??

      But the bank has never had a problem with identity theft since the release of its mobile banking application a few years ago.

      Neither method puts you at more of a risk, but it is important to keep your information safe, whether youâ??re using your smartphone or not.

      â??Whether you're online banking or coming into the financial institution or using credit cards or debit cards anywhere in public it's really important that you keep your information secure,â?? said Molise.