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      Online video highlights snow biking in the Upper Peninsula

      Courtesy of Clear & Cold Cinema

      Snow biking has become a popular sport in the Upper Peninsula over the last few years. To highlight the sport, the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau teamed up with a few local snow bikers and a videographer to highlight the sport.

      Unlike your regular bicycle, snow bikes have fatter tires which gives better traction on snow.

      Evan Simula is one of three bicyclists featured in the web movie called Cold Rolled.

      "Our main point was not only to draw people into our area and show them what we have going on for trails, but really, just gain interest in snow biking as a whole," said Simula.

      The video, directed by Aaron Peterson of Chatham, highlights snow bikers traveling along the trails in Marquette.

      "We started it late in the season last year. Aaron got down camera equipment and thought it was a cool idea to go out and film some snow riding, and then it kind of just escalated from there," Simula said.

      The Marquette area is no stranger to snow biking. Three years ago, the Noquemanon Ski Marathon introduced a 50k and 24k snow bike race.

      "We tried to incorporate snow biking very early on to be a part of our intricate trail system. Last year the Single Track Committee made the snow bike route, and that is a 15-mile long route of packed, bermed out beautiful snow that you can ride your snow bike in," said Nicole Dewald, Director of the Noquemanon Trail Network.

      Cold Rolled is a 20-minute movie and will be released as a five-part series online. If you're interested in seeing more, click here.