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      Ontonagon girl gets outdoor wheelchair

      For the first time ever, 11-year-old Anna Wiseman has a wheelchair that does not get stuck in the snow.

      "It makes me feel like I can move more and I can do more stuff," said Anna Wiseman.

      Anna was born with ontogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease.

      Last year she asked her parents for an outdoor wheelchair. They found an all-terrain wheelchair, but with a $13,000 price tag, Anna's parents knew they couldn't afford it on their own. After asking the community for help, Ontonagon residents, as well as people from all across the country, decided to help.

      Anna has had her chair for about a month now.

      "It makes me really happy that everyone pitched in, something to help me get it, because I really like this chair, and thanks everyone for helping me get the chair," Anna said.

      Anna's mom is also grateful for all of the help they have received.

      "It just makes me feel great, and as much as I try to put back into the community also, and having them come back to me is just wonderful," said Angie Arble, Anna's mom.

      Anna has not had a chance to spend much time outside on her wheelchair because both of her arms are broken, but she did get an up-close look at snowflakes.

      "Look at them! You can actually see the shapes! That's cool," Anna said.

      When summer rolls around, Anna says there is one thing she is looking forward to the most.

      "The beach, because I haven't been there in at least two years."