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      In January of 2012, Public Act 256 of 2011 took effect. It made it legal to purchase small fireworks with less than 50 milligrams of explosive materials in the State of Michigan. That includes bottle rockets, Roman candles, and fire crackers, to name a few.

      Large fireworks, like mortars, are still illegal. Regardless of what fireworks you get your hands on, some need to keep their hands off.

      "Consumer fireworks do not belong in the hands of children, so good supervision is important. Follow the law. Stay within the consumer firework range," said Fire Chief Tom Belt of the Marquette Fire Department.

      According to the National Fire Protection Agency, in 2010 there were 8,600 fireworks-related injuries nationwide, and 15,500 fires with around $36 million in damages. Many on our Facebook page disagree on whether fireworks should be legal.

      Judy Kruggel Mosterd says, "It isn't the fireworks that are the problem, it is the user that makes the mistak es. Legaliz e. Keep money in Michigan instead of people going to Indiana to get them!!!"

      "We just ask people to use a common sense approach to the use of fireworks," said Patrol Captain Blake Rieboldt of the Marquette Police Department.While small fireworks are legal, you can still be cited for violating the noise ordinance in Marquette between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. A first offense is $75, second is $125, third is $150. The only exceptions to the noise ordinance are the 11 federal holidays, each of which has a three-day window."People need to use discretion, and they need to be considerate of their neighbors," Chief Belt said.