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      Operation Good Cheer lands in Upper Peninsula

      The spirit of giving is literally in the air. Hundreds of foster kids will receive Christmas presents this year thanks to generosity of many people. It's called Operation Good Cheer.

      A plane full of Christmas presents arrived at KI Sawyer Saturday morning. Gifts will go to more than a hundred foster kids in Marquette County.

      Operation Good Cheer is a program run by Child and fFmily Services of Michigan, and they've been doing it for more than 25 years.

      All the presents were donated from people throughout the state of Michigan.

      "We know that there's going to be so many kids who are going to be so happy that they're going to have Christmas. Just the generosity of people is awesome," said Norma Semashko of Child and Family Services U.P.

      "It makes me feel all warm inside 'cause it's like, people out there are actually looking at these kids and going, I can help them out, I can be apart of their life when they have nobody else. It's just an amazing thing," said Cheyenne Emard of Teaching Family Homes.

      Approximately 4,500 foster kids are receiving gifts throughout the state of Michigan. Each kid had an opportunity to create a wish list, so they'll be receiving what they asked for, plus more.