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      Ore Dock Brewery now has bottles

      It has only been two years since the Ore Dock Brewing Company opened its doors to the public, but they are already working on expanding. Now fans of the beer can buy bottles of Bum's Beach Wheat Ale and Reclamation IPA in stores.

      "Very soon down the road, we will be bottling our first Belgian beer, which is really exciting for us. That is our Belgian Saison and what's great about that is we will be doing bottle conditioning with that particular beer, which is a very traditional way to carbonate Belgian style beers," said Andrea Pernsteiner, Co-Owner of the Ore Dock Brewing Company.

      It doesn't stop there, once fall rolls around, the brewery expects to begin selling a porter.

      One thing that you may notice is that the Ore Dock uses brown bottles, and for good reason.

      "Because we're bottle conditioning our beers, you can't really bottle condition in cans because of the pressure associated with that type of process. So that also lent itself to the bottle for our product," said Pernsteiner.

      In addition, the Ore Dock uses bottles in an effort to stick to traditional processes, plus the brown bottle helps filter out light that can potentially change the flavor of the beer.

      As the beer flows out of the brewery and into stores, the Ore Dock held a beer tasting at Econo Foods Friday afternoon to spread awareness that their beer can now be found in bottles.

      "I think it's great. People have been looking for that for a while in Marquette. It's great beer, it's local. People want to support that," said Lauren Doerfler after she taste tested one of the beers.

      The brewery has been busy this week preparing bottles for 18 stores across Marquette County for the initial launch. If this week is any sign to come for the brewery, there are big things on tap for the Ore Dock's Future.

      Beer from the Ore Dock Brewing Company can be found at Econo Foods, Super One Foods in Negaunee and Marquette, Neighborhood Spot, Marquette Food Co-Op, Everyday Wines, Bucks, Jubilee, Blue Link, Valle's, Valle's Corner, Whites, Elaine's, Jim's IGA, E-Z Stop, Casa Calabria, and Tino's.