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      Ore dock revitalization

      A movement is taking place to revitalize the ore dock in Marquette's Lower Harbor.

      The ore dock closed in 1971. Since then, it has remained vacant.

      The non-profit group, ??Friends of the Ore Dock BotEco Center,?? aims to transform the city-owned property into a year-round botanical garden, an ecological education center, a historical education and preservation center, as well as public spaces.

      Wednesday evening, the group held an open discussion to receive feedback on the plan.

      While the property is city owned, the group needs more than just the approval of Marquette residents.

      "Because it's out in the Great Lakes, the state owns what they call the bottomlands even though the city has the dock, and so the Department of Environmental Quality has a lot of say," said Gisele Duehring, President of the Friends of the Ore Dock BotEco Center.

      If you missed Wednesday??s discussion, another discussion on the plan will take place Thursday afternoon at the Peter White Public Library from 3-5 p.m.