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      Organic vs. conventional foods

      It's supposed to be fresher and free of chemicals, but a Stanford University study found some organic produce contained small levels of pesticides.

      It's a finding that didn't surprise one local food expert.

      Natasha Lantz with the Marquette Food Co-op says it is due to the way farmland is often reused.

      "You have to take into consideration that organic wouldn't have any pesticide residue if it wasn't for drift from conventional fields and if there wasn't land being transitioned from conventional to organic," said Lantz.

      Although the study says organic foods may not be healthier than conventional produce, officials say there is still a reason to buy organic.

      "They are looking at not just the nutrient content but also looking at the treatment of workers and the environmental costs over all," Lantz said.

      Organic foods are more expensive because it's a different type of farming that has more labor costs. Many of us may not purchase organic foods because it seems more expensive, but even if you are on a budget you can still eat healthy.

      No matter where you are shopping, chose a variety of fruits and vegetables.

      Jill Fries, a health educator, says avoid packaged and processed foods.

      "It's all on the outside of your grocery store. If you stay there instead of going into the internal, where all your packaged food is, you may find that the cost of your grocery bill goes down," Fries said.

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